What's here:

GMDL for Map This! (deniska.dcemu.co.uk) on the PSP

http://www.ina7ane.com/psp/ Map tiling app: PSP Map This! GPSFS, geodata and POI; Google Earth overlays; iPhone Maps.app; online maps via openlayers.org.

iPhone Installer source

http://www.in7ane.com/iphone.xml Mirror of iLM (Maps.app map management) and Wiki2Touch (Wikipedia reader) apps and sample data. (http://www.ina7ane.com/iphone/ and http://www.ina7ane.com/iphone/wiki/)

Google Earth Overlays (generated with GMDL, above)

http://www.ina7ane.com/overlays/ Download and mount the ISO, open the KML file in Google Earth.
The (slow) remote version: click image to download KML overlay
Canadian Toporama (same tileset as map below): topomaps.ru (same tileset as map below):

Canadian Toporama (atlas.nrcan.gc.ca) in a more interactive format

http://www.in7ane.com/toporama/ Currently a proof of concept, with the following coverage (click link to jump to area): Algonquin Provincial Park Bon Echo Provincial Park Frontenac Provincial Park Killarney Provincial Park Lake Superior Provincial Park Pukaskwa National Park Plans: Southern Ontario (to do: staged rendering code and tile combination, estimate was about a 25GB tileset).

topomaps.ru maps in an interactive format

http://www.in7ane.com/topomaps/ Source: openlayers.org Setup: informationfreeway.org Maps: topomaps.ru / topomaps.eu, mapn37.narod.ru, mapy.mk.cvut.cz, & maps.poehali.org
Coverage (click image to jump to area):
Ryazan to Moscow (100K): Karelia (200K): Baltics (200K): Baikal (200K):
Nepal & Bhutan (500K): Israel (50K): Sri Lanka (500K): North Korea (200K):
Magadan (200K) [not cropped, separate tileset]:
Plans: Making sat-nav use not suck - brightness / contrast issues (the process is much better automated now - only source cropping is done by hand). Data: if you want the cropped source files and/or the tile sets contact me through the Map This! forums.

GeoBase (http://www.geobase.ca) to OpenStreetMap.org

http://www.in7ane.com/osm/ This is on hold until I clarify the license issues (and will be superseded by NRNv2 as a data source (with house numbers)).